Vibrant, life-giving, transformative worship

Worship is central to a church community. Here, we enter a community gathered with the intention to praise God. Here we bring our whole selves: our bodies - engaging all of our senses, our mind - challenging our thinking, our emotions - opening to our fear, our hurts, our held resentments, as well as our joy and our hopes. Here we seek a genuine encounter with the Mystery that we call God, that which is beyond, among, between, and among us.

Worship is participatory practice of a particular community.

Here are some resources churches find useful in exploring ways to make worship more vibrant, live-giving, participatory, joyful, and adapted to the community gathered.

  • Book CoverThe Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has a multitude of resources and offers grants for congregations to do their own experimentation.
  • Worship Design Studio, the creation of Marcia McFee encourages multi-sensory, theme based worship series that invigorate new forms of worship.
  • Some congregations are experimenting with church services connected to meals - like dinner church or breakfast church

A book that congregations exploring vibrant worship have found useful is: In God’s Presence by N. Graham Standish