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"Steps along the Way" is a way to share resources for pastors, preachers and religious leaders in these days. We are exploring ways to be prophetic, to challenge what needs to be challenged and to cast new visions.

Rev. Betsy Waters, Coaching, Consulting, Workshops

Customized Coaching, Workshop and Consulting with a focus on Leadership, especially How to become a More Effective, Inspiring Leader; and how to manage stress. For churches - How to create cooperative ministries and how to renew ministry.

Publications: Testify to the Light

Testify to the LightOne December evening, Andy Gustafson came home to find his wife and children murdered—a nightmare that few can imagine surviving. Yet, in his anguish, he found a God who cried with him. Step by step, with the help of others and his faith practices, he recognized the Light that shines in the darkness, a light the darkness never completely overcomes. In time, with God’s Grace, he once again found family and purpose, vocation and fulfillment, joy. His life became a testimony to the enduring Light of God and a shining example to inspire others. Great for Group Book Studies Andy encouraged people to find and tell their own faith stories, particularly those stories that begin with loss, rage, and despair. An appendix provides questions for small groups to explore Andy’s life story and then their own experiences, discovering personal ways to Testify to the Light. The appendix includes three different study guides:

  • Spiritual Journey
  • The Grief Journey
  • Topic focused Reflections




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Contact the author to arrange for these discounts. What people are saying… "With the pace of a Grisham novel and the depth of Annie Dillard, Testify to the Light follows the journey of one man as he moves from despair to hope." — Rev. Jane Willan, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Grafton, Mass, author of "Jump Start This Church!" "By writing Andy's singular story of unimaginable tragedy and unfathomable grace - and by telling the story like a pastor - Betsy speaks to every reader whose life is touched by grief. While none of us will experience the extremes that were constantly with Andy, all of us can benefit from meditating on what we learn from this powerful testimony." — Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Conference Minister and President, Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ