Faith development from birth to the end of life

LifeLong Faith Journals

The work of John Roberto and company is some of the most imaginative work out there. They give away amazing resources. Check out

as well as purchased materials at

There are examples of how communities have applied this work if you look around their website.

For Adults

For adults, some deep and creative video pieces of various lengths are around at and

The subscription to this website is not cheap, but it allows downloads of the reflections of the major progressive theologians of our day.

Animate Faith

Intriguing materials for study for both children and adults: Animate Faith

Developing Spiritual Practice

The “Unbinding” series by Martha Reese is helpful for more traditional congregations.
A wide range of possibilities here, including contemplative photography
Mindfulness and meditation is a form of spiritual practice that a can reach out into the community. There are many resources. There is a Great Course to teach mindfulness…