God is doing a new thing in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. Yet many congregations and pastors are bewildered by the shifting sand, the winds of change, and frustrated to discover that historical paths are obsolete in this current environment. A wilderness guide can be helpful in the journey to Revitalize, Renew, Transform, Re-energize, Re-engineer, Reconnect, Reinvent. Although every journey is customized to the challenges and resources of each context, the questions are similar. (Click to find a collection of resources.)      Click Services above to explore our coaching and workshops options.

  • How to have vibrant, life-giving, transformative worship?
  • How to connect to the neighborhoods in which we are planted?
  • How to offer faith development from birth to the end of life?
  • How to engage in dialogue about the issues of our day?
  • How to Invite, Welcome, Build Relationships, Empower, and Incorporate new people?
  • How to build a healthy church organization?
  • How to deal with change and develop more constructive behaviors as a congregation?
  • How to have an honest conversation about the viability for our church and to develop a faithful way forward?